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copper beryllium hardened

  • Beryllium Copper C17200 - Alloy 25 | Aviva Metals

    C17200 Copper (CDA 172) ASTM B196, AMS 4533, SAE J461, RWMA CLASS IV. C17200 is also known as Alloy 25 and is the most commonly utilized beryllium copper alloy and is notable for exhibiting the highest strength and hardness compared to commercial copper alloys. Its strength and hardness is similar to that of steel.

  • Beryllium Copper C17200 - IBC Advanced Alloys

    C17200 Beryllium Copper is manufactured to provide a combination of high strength and hardness properties coupled with superior thermal properties. This range of properties makes C17200 Beryllium Copper the premier material for copper alloy molds and a wide range of other applications from oil and gas to aerospace.

  • Heat Treating Copper Beryllium - Intlwaters.com

    similar for all copper beryllium alloys, but at different standard temperatures. Figure 1. Response to age-hardening heat treatment for three treating temperatures - Brush Alloy 25. Copper beryllium can be age hardened to varying degrees of strength. The term peak aged refers to copper beryllium aged to maximum strength. Alloys not

  • Guide to Copper Beryllium - Matthey

    Copper beryllium high strength alloys are less dense than conventional specialty coppers, often providing more pieces per pound of input material. Copper beryllium also has an elastic modulus 10 to 20 percent higher than other specialty copper alloys. Strength, resilience, and elastic properties make copper beryllium the alloy of choice.

  • Beryllium Copper for Custom Springs & Stampings

    In its age hardened condition, Beryllium copper C172 (Alloy 25) attains the highest strength and hardness of any commercial copper base alloy. The high-conductivity of beryllium copper alloys is ideally suited to applications requiring high operating temperatures, high …

  • Copper.org - C17200 Alloy

    162 · copper beryllium aloy sheet and strip, half-hard: astm: b194: copper beryllium alloy plate, …

  • Beryllium Copper, Heat Treatable, Alloy 25 (C17200 and ...

    Beryllium Copper is our specialty. We have pioneered the use of this metal since its commercial inception and have led in its development and uses. BERYLLIUM COPPER C17200 and C17300 – Heat Treatable COMPOSITION – BERYLLIUM COPPER C17200 & C17300 (25 & 125 alloy) ELEMENT PERCENT NOMINAL MINIMUM MAXIMUM Copper 98.1 – – Beryllium 1.90...


    The beryllium copper is a cold-rolled, full hard (TD04) tempered alloy with a required chemical composition per ASTM B-196 shown below in Table 2: Table 2. Required Chemical Composition of Beryllium Copper Alloy (Weight Percent) Element Required Chemistry Beryllium 1.80 to 2.00 Nickel plus Cobalt 0.20 min Nickel plus Cobalt plus Iron 0.60 max

  • C172 Beryllium Copper (CuBe2) | Fisk Alloy

    Beryllium Copper alloys combine formability with very high strength properties when aged. Applications are in springs, connectors, switches and automotive parts. Special heat treating of the wire at the mill produces a "Mill Hardened" (HM) tempered Beryllium Copper wire which can then be formed and used without additional heat treatment.

  • Beryllium Copper (Be-Cu)

    Beryllium copper has high corrosion resistance and exceedingly good biofouling resistance, though its manufacturing is limited these days due to potential health effects of beryllium fume and powder inhalation during manufacturing. Nevertheless, in its age hardened condition, beryllium copper attains the highest strength and hardness of any commercial copper-based alloy.

  • MatWeb - The Online Materials Information Resource

    The search phrase you entered, beryllium copper, is common to 335 materials, by searching on the exact phrase [ "beryllium copper"] in the most common text fields. Results are displayed up to a maximum of 200 materials per page. Follow the links below to view complete property information.

  • beryllium-copper - fully heat treated and cold worked is ...

    Beryllium-Copper. In the fully heat treated and cold worked condition beryllium-copper is the hardest (HV 100-420) and strongest (tensile strength 410-1400 N/mm 2) of any copper alloy.. It is similar in mechanical properties to many high strength steels but, compared to steels, it has better corrosion resistance (approximately equivalent to nickel silvers), higher electrical conductivity (16 ...

  • C 172 Copper Beryllium - Morgan Bronze

    C 172 Copper Beryllium is the most specified copper beryllium and is available at Morgan Bronze in both Solution and Precipitation Heat Treated tubing as well as Solution Heat Treated Rod and Bar. In its age hardened condition C 172 attains the highest strength and hardness of any commercial copper based alloy. The ultimate

  • C17200 Alloy Specifications | E. Jordan Brookes Company

    Copper Alloy C17200 is the most commonly specified copper beryllium alloy. In its age hardened condition, it attains the highest strength and hardness of any commercial copper base alloy. The ultimate tensile strength can exceed 200 ksi, while the hardness approaches Rockwell C45.

  • Beryllium Copper Supplier | Mead Metals in Minnesota

    Commonly Stocked Beryllium Copper. Mead Metals carries alloy 172 beryllium copper in annealed, quarter-hard, and half-hard tempers from 0.003 to 0.060. Full-hard and mill-hardened tempers are stocked on a limited basis. 17410, 17460, and 17510 are also obtainable. Beryllium copper combines high strength with non-magnetic and non-sparking ...

  • Beryllium Copper UNS C17200 - AZoM.com

    UNS C17200 beryllium copper alloys are ductile and produced in mill hardened and heat treatable tempers. These alloys are used for all applications, which require high strength, stiffness and good conductivity. The tensile strength of C17200 copper is over 1380 MPa (200 ksi).

  • Beryllium Copper Chemical Composition & Hardness Specs

    View the physical and chemical properties of the various beryllium copper alloys we carry. Don't see something? Request a quick quote and we'll try to get it.

  • Copper.org - C17500 Alloy

    copper-cobalt-beryllium alloy, plate, sheet, strip, and rolled bar: rod: astm: b441: copper-cobalt-beryllium (uns no. c17500) and copper-nickel-beryllium (uns no. c17510) rod and bar: sae: j461: wrought and cast copper alloys: sae: j463: wrought copper and copper alloys: seamless tube: astm: b937: copper-beryllium seamless tube (uns nos.17500 ...

  • AT0015 0311 Heat Treating Copper Beryllium Parts

    Heat Treating Copper Beryllium Parts Heat treating is key to the versatility of the copper beryllium alloy system. Unlike other copper base alloys which acquire their strength through cold work alone, wrought copper beryllium obtains its high strength, conductivity, and hardness

  • AT0030 0311 Copper Beryllium Strip Temper Selection

    Briefs "Heat Treating Copper Beryllium" and "Heat Treating Distortion of Alloy 25 Copper Beryllium". MILL HARDENED COPPER BERYLLIUM TEMPERS If the high strength of Alloy 25 is desired, but heat treating is an obstacle, then mill hardened material should be purchased. The mill hardened versions of Alloy 25 are called Alloy 190 and Alloy 290.

  • Beryllium Copper Alloys

    beryllium nickel or copper, can cause hardening of the alloy structural precipitation annealing treatment at low temperature. The copper beryllium alloys are produced from a master alloy of copper and beryllium, containing approximately 4 % of beryllium. The manufacturing process is as follows:

  • C17200 Beryllium - Southern Copper

    Class 4 copper is available in the annealed condition, in this state it can be more readily machined and may be subsequently heat treated to maximum hardness. Copper Beryllium alloys derives their high strength through heat treament and,in the case of small cross section wroght forms, cold working. The amount of cold work and the type of heat ...

  • Beryllium copper - Wikipedia

    Beryllium Copper Overview. Copper beryllium alloys are used for their high strength and good electrical and thermal conductivities. There are two groups of copper beryllium alloys, high strength alloys and high conductivity alloys. The wrought high strength alloys contain 1.6 to 2.0% beryllium and approximately 0.3% cobalt.

  • Wire - NGK BERYLCO

    Berylco wire has similar characteristic as Beryllium Copper alloys. Beryllium Copper wire combine formability with very high strength properties when aged-hardened to a maximum of 1750 MPa. They can endure high bending stress, perform excellently at elevated temperatures and …